‘To get ready for Billion Road, we’ll be introducing some of the most valuable items you’ll find throughout the game, as well as some fun extra details about their different real-world counterparts. We’ll be holding a number of giveaway events leading up to the game’s release featuring authentic prizes from all over Japan!

Ginza> Sushi: 1 million

Ginza has long been famous for its numerous high-end sushi restaurants. It’s the kind of place where all your sushi dreams come true. But don’t worry—there are plenty of more affordable sushi restaurants for the more frugal traveler! Ginza’s history with high-end sushi goes all the way back to the post-WWII era. According to cultural icon Rosanjin Kitaoji, most sushi stands were located in the Shinbashi area of Tokyo, but these cheap shops features mostly low-quality sushi. One shop called Shintomi Sushi was one of the rare restaurants to feature higher quality ingredients, and eventually the chefs who trained there decided to open their own restaurants in Ginza. Two of the most well-known “offspring” of Shintomi Sushi are Kyubey and SushiSen, and this new generation of sushi restaurants is responsible for the enduring trend of high-end Ginza sushi.