Kushikatsu: 100,000

Osaka is home to a popular dish known as kushikatsu, where a combination of meat, vegetables, or seafood are skewered on a bamboo stick, battered, and deep fried. If you’ve ever had shish-kabob, it’s like that but a little leaner. It’s usually dipped in a sauce made up of a special blend of fruits and vegetables that gives it a savory, tangy flavor. This is a very popular snack at izakayas because it’s easy to prepare and pairs well with just about any alcohol. Kushikatsu is especially popular in Minami, the southern downtown district of Osaka. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to seek out a local kushikatsu shop or izakaya that specializes in this wonderful local delight! 

Horumonyaki: 100,000

Horumonyaki is a Japanese adaptation of Korean barbecue featuring mainly cow or pork intestines that are grilled over open flame. This dish is popular all throughout Japan, but it’s commonly believed to have its roots in Osaka. The word “horumon” comes from “hormone,” which is used to describe foods that give you extra energy or stamina (basically, it “boosts your hormones”). In our case, we had horumonyaki at Tsuruhashi, one of Japan’s most famous barbecue restaurants. Cooking the intestines over fire gives it a smoky flavor, while the soy sauce dip added a sweet, tangy edge. Horumonyaki pairs extremely well with a nice, cold beer after a long day.